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March 19, 2020

TimeEdit expands support hours during COVID-19 readjustments

TimeEdit extends support hours during the Coronavirus readjustments to 08:00-21:00.

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December 10, 2019

World premiere: TE Exam for invigilators

No more paper, pen and phone calls. From now on all invigilator managment will be carried out digitally at Chalmers University of Technology.

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December 10, 2019

Welcome Steinar Morland, our new VP of Business Development!

TimeEdit is proud to introduce Steinar Morland as our new VP of Business Development. Steinar joins TimeEdit from heading up global business development and partnerships in MazeMap - TimeEdit’s close wayfinding and digital map partner.

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November 27, 2019

Lund University extends with TimeEdit

We at TE are super happy to announce that TimeEdit has yet again won the scheduling tender for Lund University, renewing our partnership for five more years.

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December 9, 2019

SLU goes for TimeEdit

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU, has chosen TimeEdit for their end-to-end scheduling needs, from preference collection to exam management, for all their campuses.

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November 17, 2019

TimeEdit is an official supplier to Sweden Expo 2020 in Dubai

We are very proud to deliver TimeEdit to the Swedish pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai, making sure conference management for the 6 month long exhibition is easy and efficient for both Expo 2020 administrators and partner companies.

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June 17, 2019

Relive some of the best moments from TE Summit 2019

TE Summit is TimeEdit's annual resource management and scheduling conference, where customers and partners meet to exchange best practices, discuss the future of scheduling, and have fun. Relive some of this year's best moments here.

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June 16, 2019

Welcome Aarhus Tech

We are happy to announce AARHUS TECH as a new member of the rapidly growing TimeEdit family!Founded in 1828, Aarhus Tech is one of the most prominent and largest vocational colleges in Denmark. Across it's three campuses in Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark, the college delivers 30 education and training programmes for its 3600 students.

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April 3, 2019

TimeEdit is growing in the US - welcome Ben Chester!

We are proud to introduce our new team member, our Head of US, Ben Chester. Ben joined the team back in January to lead our U.S team and expansions operations in the west. To give him a chance to shine, we’d like to formally introduce Ben in his own words.

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April 4, 2019

Say Hi! to our new VP of Product, Natalia!

Together with the product team, Natalia will be the voice of our new product launches.

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